Shades Oceanfront Bistro

Taste the Sunshine!

Your Hosts...

and San Diego Humane Society Goodwill animal aMbassadors, NILLA AND BEAN!

Nilla started coming to work with us at the restaurant when she was just a puppy. You see, Nilla is what the breeder termed a "busy" Bernese. It turns out, that 'busy' means destructive! She never likes to be alone, so we started letting her hang out in front of the restaurant. While there, she got more love and attention than any dog could hope for, but we still had the same 'busy' issue when she was left alone for any amount of time.

Finally, the decision was made to get Nilla a friend.

Let the hunt begin!

Jeff and I decided that we wanted to rescue a dog. We didn't care about breed or color or age, the only thing that mattered was TEMPERAMENT! We had to find a dog that wasn't afraid of Nilla's size, and also one that would be able to join NIlla in her favorite pastime of greeting the people of Ocean Beach.

That meant the new dog had to be able to sit quietly while a toddler poked him, and not jump on a senior citizen. We had to be absolutely confident that this dog would be safe for the public.

After seeing more than 40 dogs all over San Diego County we finally got an email from Aussie Rescue of San Diego. Oddly enough, they had what they thought was a Cocker Spaniel that they'd found at the South Bay Humane Society. He was a matted mess, and was being fostered by a couple that were about to leave town, and they wanted to know if we'd take a look at him and see if he was a good fit.

Well Bean came for a 'visit' on a rainy day. He ran in the house, peed on Jeff's lap, and he and Nilla instantly fell in love. Perfect. He never left. NIlla and Bean are inseparable.

After all our interactions with Humane Society, we wanted to give back and it seems the same qualities that make Nilla and Bean so fun for the public at the Shades, also makes them great Animal Ambassadors. We're very proud.

Please feel free to bring your (well behaved) FIDO friend to Shades anytime for a lovely meal. We have something for everyone!

Check out the EVENTS page to see what Nilla and Bean are up to next!

And to answer our most frequently asked question... "Who does Bean's hair?"     CANINE IMAGE 858-279-3336 (Located in Clairemont)